Sean Ahrens Empowering Patients through Technology

About Me

It's my goal to enable patients to contribute their experience living with their condition to global medical knowledge. I believe new insights to how to cure and treat the world's most poorly understood conditions will come through this form of medical revolution. Power to the patients.

On a technical level, I'm a startup & non-profit founder, user experience designer, and software developer. I am passionate about building technology that can (actually) change the world for the better.

I’m the founder of Crohnology. I built the OpenPPRN. I won PCORI's grand prize in the Matchmaking App Challenge by developing

I’m a 2x Y-Combinator, Rock Health, and UC Berkeley alum.

I studied Computer Science & Business at UC Berkeley, with a focus on Product Design.

I live in San Francisco, California, USA.

Fun Facts

  • I’m the subject of two upcoming documentaries about the democratization of medicine.
  • I’ve spent 34 days traveling solo through 650 miles of the Pacific Northwest on a bicycle.
  • I got my private pilot’s license at 19.
  • I had an iPad stolen out of my hands on the streets of San Francisco. I chased the thief down into an alley. A street-clothed Batman showed up, karate kicked the thief, in a moment of wtf is happening, I hockey-checked the thief against a wall. He fled the alley leaving the iPad behind. Batman handed me his business card. It said “Fight Crime”. I did not make any of this up. And no, I do not expect you to believe me.