Today I installed a custom blogging engine on my website, called Octopress.

You may notice very little difference to this site, and that was the point. This site is now run as a static (baked) set of files, and is no longer run as a Rails app. To the visitor, this means it’s fast. To me, it means it’s less complicated…aaand most importantly, I now have a blog embedded right on this site.

I could have hand-programmed a blog on my existing Rails app, but when there is really high quality open source code that was built specifically for this purpose, it seemed more logically for me to switch to the Octopress system.

It took me about a good full day to get everything up and running, including copying over my old website content, and getting the design to match. There’s still a few kinks for me to work out, but man, I’m excited to have a blog on here now.

This is my inaugural blog post, sort of to test it out!

Installed Bootstrap Theme:

= link_to “([^”])“, ”([^“])”(.*) timeline/index.haml %a{:href => “$2”$3} $1