Photo Credit Joanna Socha


First, I consider myself a life hacker. I enjoy building modifications around the house, and using tools to build things that make my world more enjoyable. More often than not they are just simple combinations of products and ways of doing things that are different than what most people do, to make life more enjoyable. You know, like turning a dresser drawer into a sink, velcro’ing all your remotes on a stick, or making a bedside hydration system.

I probably get a lot of this from my Dad. My dad is a pilot, an engineer, an architect, a carpenter, an electrician, a mechanic, a builder. He can and does build anything and everything.

More than anything else, I’m interested in putting my work towards efforts that can make a positive impact on the world. There are clearly many problems we can solve in society, and I think a life worth living is one spent on working on those.

Fun Facts Cont…

  • Train-hopped on a freight train traveling the US Eastern Seaboard.
  • Started my high school’s Ping Pong Club, which—with 150 members—was the largest club on campus.
  • Live at a 40-person startup housing collective in San Francisco.
  • Resisted most of my high school and college life from making a career as a “programmer”. Became a programmer.